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  • Memphis style
  • Treeless saddles offer freedom of movement in the shoulders area of your horse while allowing you to feel more connected as a rider.
  • Unlike any other Colorado Spring saddles offered elsewhere in the world, Equinnovations has taken the initiative, at our cost, to convert the original fender connection from removable to fixed/semi-permanent. For the safety of all riders, we remove the original T-Hardware & then re-affix with Chicago screws.
  • Seen here with the "Western Anatomical Saddle Pad". The perfect match for a beautifully compact combo of saddle & pad with the added bonus of the luxurious breathe-ability of sheepskin, and critical spinal clearance for your horse's ultimate comfort.
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  • Wonderfully adaptable to the unique shape of your horse even as it's body condition changes with exercise--no need to keep changing saddles! With no rigid bars extending down along the horse's shoulders as with a traditional treed saddle, theses unique treeless saddles are adaptable to a wide variety of body shapes and conformations.
  • Synthetic fleece underside with shallow panels (gap the width of a hand, as indicated) on either side of spinal area. For added assurance for horses with prominent spines, using a Western Anatomical Pad with 6 pockets for target shimming/spinal protection is recommended.

Colorado Springs "Memphis" Treeless Saddle


Product Description

Revolutionary: a treeless saddle that FINALLY looks and feels authentically like a Western saddle!

Treeless COLORADO SPRINGS saddles look firm but still ensure efficient shock absorption and the weight of the rider is very well distributed.

With their unique pommel arch and cantle plate, they use advanced treeless technology to allow the horse uninterrupted movement along it's whole back unlike any other treed saddle. Totally flexible, they adapt to your horse's body type in a natural way, allows you to better feel your horse underneath you, and for your horse to be more aware of your seat cues. The flexibility and lightness of the saddle minimizes interference on your horse's strides and frees up their shoulders, therefore giving total freedom of movement without the hindrance of a rigid tree. Riding with a treeless COLORADO SPRINGS saddle gives the rider amazing close contact feel, a sensation that is unequalled with a traditional treed saddle.

Features of the "Memphis" Colorado Springs saddle:

  • More specifically dedicated to work & reining with a unique 2-point cinch attachment, but ideal for trail and pleasure riding as well!
  • Crafted in smooth, quality, thick buffalo leather with basket weave tooling and decorated with white stitching
  • Supple non-slip seat
  • Butterfly/square skirts and fenders
  • Deep & secure Cheyenne Roll Cantle circled with rawhide and enhanced by silvery spiral, & rawhide-covered horn with silvery rosette decoration give it a "show saddle" look and feel
  • Adjustable fenders with Blevins Buckles
  • Ample wither clearance with wide opening to accommodate even moderately high withered horses
  • High density polyurethane foam padded seat & panels
  • Synthetic wool lined panels
  • Rawhide covered resin stirrups with leather reinforced foot rest
  • Stainless steel and nickel plated brass rosettes and girth holder
  • Delivered with leather latigo and front off-billet, but no cinch (suggested western cinch to match can be found HERE on my site)
  • Less than 25 lbs, so still very manageable to hoist up on even tall horses!


NOTE: Fits a broad range of horses, particularly mutton or broad-shouldered horses. For atrophy, uneven-shouldered or sway-backed horses, proper shimming must be employed to bridge the gap/balance the saddle adequately while the horse rebuilds muscle. The Western Anatomical Pad with shim pockets is highly recommended for not only target-shimming, but adequate spinal clearance as well (in all circumstances) which traditional wool or felt etc. pads cannot offer. (3-Mesh target shims are highly recommended for cases that need extra fortification) 

AND--BONUS!... for all those who have tried other treeless saddles on the market and have been frustrated with them rolling or sliding even when cinched snugly and mounting clean, you CAN mount from the ground with the Colorado Springs treeless saddles! With their fixed pommel arch and firmer construction than most other treeless saddles on the market, these amazing saddles lock down on your horse's back just like a treed saddle. Of course the use of a mounting block is recommended when possible as this is always easier on your horse's withers, but you won't be stranded when you have to get off out on the trail!

dividerlinetrans.png Exclusively from EKKIA in France, these saddles come with the following options...
Color: Cognac
Seat sizes: 15", 16", 17"

Product Reviews

  1. Great saddle

    Posted by Tina Bourassa on 2019 Aug 7th

    This is my first brand new saddle. I love the fact that my horse can move more free, even in his walk. Super comfy and my horse understands so much easier what I am asking as he can feel me more. I also love that the saddle goes with me not with the horse, fitting all my horses. I love this saddle--just tried it going up and down steep hills it didn’t move at all, stays put. Also, dealing with Lea has been great. I originally thought a different saddle would fit my needs and I didn’t feel as comfortable in it. She easily exchanged it no problem. She wants you and your horse to be happy. So very happy with the saddle and company.

  2. Great saddle!

    Posted by Gabe Simon on 2017 May 10th

    Leather is soft and supple. Only treeless that truly looks like a western saddle and not a hybrid. Seat is very comfy!!

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