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Greetings, fellow horse lover!

My name is Lea Mallett (nee Berube), and Equinnovations Equine Aids is my baby! Well, ONE of them anyway.

I am a happily married mother of 8 great kids (+ seven grandbabies & counting!), born & raised farm girl, graphic designer by trade and ridiculously avid horse enthusiast. I am also an unapologetic stickler for all things wholesome, natural, practical & efficient. And my life with my horses is no exception! Bitless, treeless & shoeless (no, I don't ride in bare feet!), I am all about comfort & connection—and about as counter-cultural here in Canadian cowboy country as they come!

I have no fancy titles, trophies or hundreds of trained horses tucked under my belt to prove my credibility in the horse world. BUT I am seriously passionate about making my horses' lives and the time I spend with them the most positive, productive experience possible. My journey is one of perpetual growth and learning, and will be till my last breath.

Mallett Clan, Christmas 2023 (and yes, our dog Iva is very much alive in this photo! ;-)

Equinnovations was officially born in the summer of 2014 when my creative juices were in high gear as I was on a roll scheming up really cool things to help me streamline things with my horses. A bareback mounting aid/saddle stabilizer... flexible tethering system... easy load fence-mounted slow feeders... leather water bottle/cell phone horn bag... a horsefly trap (these relentless critters are the bane of my existence!)... the list goes on. Coming from a very ingenuitive & mechanical farm family, getting in there and finding a "better way" is like breathing to me. Maybe, just maybe, others could utilize and appreciate these things as much as I do.

Well, my zany inventions have since done quite well (with more to come!),  but the saddle portion of my business rather fell in my lap, you could say. After organizing my 5th natural horsemanship clinic years ago and selling the second treeless Western saddle like mine to a clinic participant (these fantastic saddles sell themselves!) I realized that by George, I'm not alone & there's a market here for this amazing line of treeless saddles & tack that I have gleaned from Europe. AND, it just so happens that retailing my favorite saddles and tack falls into the mandate of my company's motto of "Innovative solutions... Revolutionary comfort!".

Let me tell you, I had to do some serious sleuthing then jump through multiple hoops to be approved for retailer status for these companies, but am very proud to be able to say that I am the primary North American retailer for FREEMAX SADDLES from Italy & EKKIA from France, as well as an authorized dealer for FREEDOM RIDING ARTICLES and EDIX SADDLES from the Netherlands!

So exclusive to this site are a carefully chosen selection of hard to find items that I personally use and love after much trial & error and demo'ing of various saddles, bareback pads, bridles and the like in this mode of aux-natural riding that I have come to embrace. If you want a broad selection of merchandise to choose from, you're not going to find it here--there are plenty of other really great tack stores & sites here in the Great White North already doing that! My company standard is that I will only carry and promote the things that I use (or would use) myself & believe to be on the cutting edge of being some of the very best offered in the industry for treeless and bitless riding & the like.

There you have it! Equinnovations offers a small, completely unique niche market of equine products for the growing numbers of horse lovers just like me who are boldy counter-cultural and seeking a different & refreshing level of communication with their horses.

Are you one of them too, perchance...?

So let's get the ball rolling with experiencing a whole new level of communication with your horse!


PLEASE NOTE: In an effort to pace myself (well, let's be honest... keeping hubby from having an aneurism and my winding us up in the poorhouse may have a little to do with it!), I am stocking only a limited quantity at a time of each product. All available options are there for you to place your order, and if a particular product, color or style is not in current stock, you will be notified that it will take extra time to bring in.


If you wish to speak with me personally, please feel free to call me at
C:(306)228-1630‬, or H:‭(780)724-3317

It goes without saying that I am a busy wife and mother (did I tell you I also have a very active Young Living Essential Oils business ( and still manage my hubby Mark's music career? Check him out at!)... but--ahem--never too busy to talk a little horse stuff! Just ask my ever-enduring husband! The things a man won't do for love, eh?

Oh... and yes, for those of you who may be wondering. Indeed, I gave birth to ALL eight of the kids in the pic above. And it was no cakewalk, either! But I'd do it all again to have the immense gift of these truly beautiful, loving (and uber-talented) kids. And yes, it's 3 girls and 5 boys--in that order! My three lovelies (the two oldest being my horsey partners in crime) and 3 oldest sons have left home to brave the big wide world, leaving me on my little lonesome with far too much testosterone under one roof.

Horse time, anyone...?!?


Good old fashioned Snail Mail can be sent to:

P.O. Box 729
Elk Point, AB
T0A 1A0