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EDIX Products

Sister company to the original Freedom Riding Articles (F.R.A.) in the Netherlands, EDIX Saddles offers all the original treeless saddles, pads and related tack from FRA (who now specialize specifically in Bitless Bridles and related tack), and also work tirelessly to add new high-quality and unique products on a continual basis. It's almost hard to keep up with them!

With the same vision as we have here at Equinnovations for ultimate comfort of the horse resulting in a deeper communication/connection with the rider, it is my absolute pleasure to be able to represent EDIX Saddles here in North America!

NOTE: While many of EDIX Saddles' great products are not yet on my site, any of their merchandise can be special ordered at any time.
             Please click HERE to see their other many wonderful products available to you via special order.