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  • Pictured here with a Western Anatomical Pad with Merino sheepskin underside
  • Cognac
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  • Cognac
  • Brown
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  • Matching EDIX breast collar & flank cinch also available
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  • Pictured here with a Western Anatomical Pad with Merino sheepskin underside
  • Wonderfully adaptable to the unique shape of your horse even as it's body condition changes with exercise--no need to keep changing saddles! With no rigid bars extending down along the horse's shoulders as with a traditional treed saddle, theses unique treeless saddles are adaptable to a wide variety of body shapes and conformations. (Pic shows a Colorado Springs Treeless Western saddle, but the concept is the same)
  • Right-click to download and print out. Cut desired pommel size(s), and attach to cardboard to determine your horse's most ideal fit. Find the deepest spot behind the shoulder, this is the area to place the stencil. At this point lies the base footprint of the saddle pommel (sometimes referred to as the "fork").

EDIX "Django" Treeless Saddle


Product Description

From EDIX saddles in the Netherlands!

Treeless EDIX saddles ensure efficient shock absorption and the weight of the rider is very well distributed.

With their unique pommel arch and cantle plate, they use advanced treeless technology to allow the horse uninterrupted movement along it's whole back unlike traditonally treed saddles. Totally flexible offering optimum pressure distribution using the special layers of flexible materials: EDIX® MPDS (Multiple Pressure Distribution System), this saddle adapts to your horse's body type in a natural way allowing you to better feel him underneath you, and for him to be more aware of your seat cues. The flexibility and lightness of the saddle minimizes interference on your horse's strides and frees up their shoulders, therefore giving total freedom of movement without the hindrance of a rigid tree. Riding with a treeless EDIX saddle gives the rider amazing close contact feel, a sensation that is unequalled with treed saddles.

Features of the EDIX "Django" saddle:

  • Crafted in smooth, strong quality & beautifully tooled Argentinian cow leather with a beautiful & comfortable suede seat
  • Fitted with the unique EDIX® circle-girthing with allows the girth force to interact across a larger area of the saddle, as the connections are fastened at the front and the back of the saddle as opposed to in the middle to best suit your horse's conformation.
  • Offering EDIX' special multiple pressure distribution system: a shock-absorbing & flexible sub-structure of rubber, high density foam, neoprene, and fleece allowing the saddle to conform to the horse's movements. These soft, flexible layers adapt to the anatomy of the horse, as well as the rider’s posture.
  • The twist of the saddle offers a narrow, comfortable, deep and secure seat
  • Sturdy wooden interior pommel and cantle
  • Interchangeable pommel with varying fork angles
  • Adjustable fenders with Blevins Buckles
  • Leather covered stirrups
  • D-rings for both breast collar and saddle bag attachment
  • Rounded skirt style is shorter than most saddles, accommodating short-backed horses with ease
  • Anatomical cutback for optimal clearance of the withers
  • Delivered with latigo and front off-billet as well as rear billets, but no cinch (Roper-style mohair cinch strongly suggested!)
  • Any saddle pads shown in the pictures are NOT included in price (highly recommend the Cadillac of pads with Merino underside, see below)
  • Less than 24 lbs, so still very manageable to hoist up on even tall horses!

 To determine the ideal fork size for your horse, click HERE for a downloadable template 

 The EDIX Django fits a broad range of horses, from mutton or broad-shouldered horses to high-withered horses. For atrophy, uneven-shouldered or sway-backed horses, proper shimming must be employed to bridge the gap/balance the saddle adequately while the horse rebuilds muscle. The Western Anatomical Pad or Western Roundskirt Pad with shim pockets is highly recommended for not only target-shimming, but adequate spinal clearance as well (in all circumstances) which traditional wool or felt etc. pads cannot offer.


BONUS!... for all those who have tried other treeless saddles on the market and have been frustrated with them rolling or sliding even when cinched snugly and mounting clean, you CAN potentially mount from the ground with the EDIX treeless saddles! With their fixed pommel arch and firmer construction than most other treeless saddles on the market, these amazing saddles lock down on your horse's back very much like a treed saddle. Of course the use of a mounting block is recommended when possible as this is always easier on your horse's withers, but you won't be as likely to be stranded when you have to get off out on the trail!

NOTE: If your agility is not what it used to be, are a larger rider and struggle to mount as clean as you'd like, or have a particularly tall horse, my mounting aid "StableMount" is a must-have!

dividerlinetrans.png Exclusively from EDIX Saddles in the Netherlands, these saddles come with the following options...
Color: Cognac, Dark Brown & Black
Seat sizes: 15", 16", 17"
Fork sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL (all the way from pony to shire shoulders)

NOTE: Any EDIX saddles that are not in stock with Equinnovations must be special-ordered in and as such are a FINAL SALE. Alternate tooling as in the Oakley saddle may also be special-ordered in.

dividerlinetrans.pngThis particular saddle style not what quite what you were looking for?

View all the other excellent treeless saddles we offer HERE! Prefer to ride bareback? Check out these awesome bareback pads HERE!

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