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  • The Cadillac! FreeMax "Royal II" model in durable & thick quality cow leather with floral/basket weave design tooling and decorated with white stitching.
  • FreeMax "Royal II" model in Cognac, right front. This is showing a nicely broken in saddle.
  • FreeMax "Royal II" model in Cognac, left front. This is showing a nicely broken in saddle.
  • Comparison of leather tooling for the two Royal models (Royal II in the back). Both are Argentinian cow leather (Legends are Buffalo leather).
  • FreeMax "Legend II" model seen here with the "Western Anatomical" Saddle Pad (size L for our 16 HH gelding but size M is typically ideal). The perfect match for a beautifully compact combo of saddle & pad with the added bonus of the luxurious breathability, heat regulation, moisture-wicking, and bacteria resistancy of sheepskin underside. Not to mention critical spinal clearance for your horse's ultimate comfort and target shimming capability.
  • FreeMax "Royal II" model in Cognac on a horse (pad shown is not an Equinnovations-offered saddle pad)
  • Unique to FreeMax Treeless Western saddles is the ability to change out pommels with varying angled bases ("forks"), attached with four heavy duty screws accessible from the underside of the saddle. Covered in matching cow leather to the Royal saddles, two color choices.
  • More leverage! Optional "rubber wedges" offer the option to size down to a smaller fork size if need-be (or remove if one needs to size up). These securely attach inside the saddle via velcro to the pommel base between the pommel and the leather base of the saddle. Brilliant!
  • Wonderfully adaptable to the unique shape of your horse even as it's body condition changes with exercise--no need to keep changing saddles! With no rigid bars extending down along the horse's shoulders and interfering with free scapula motion as with a traditional treed saddle, these unique treeless saddles are adaptable to a wide variety of body shapes and conformations.
  • Synthetic fleece underside with supportive panels on either side of spinal area (gap the width of approx. 3-4 fingers). For added assurance, using a Western Anatomical or Western Roundskirt Pad with 6 pockets for target shimming/spinal protection is highly recommended to further protect the sensitive spinous processes.

FreeMax "Royal II" Round Reiner Treeless Saddle


Product Description

Revolutionary: a treeless saddle that FINALLY looks and feels authentically like a Western saddle!

Almost identical in basic design and function of the ever-popular & affordable Denver Colorado Springs treeless saddles offered here for years, it is now my great pleasure & honour to announce that the FREEMAX saddle line sourced from Italy are now offered in the North American market exclusively via Equinnovations! We've been personally riding in two FreeMax saddles in addition to our Colorado Springs saddles for over 9 years, so can vouch 100% for their longevity, versatility, stability, and high quality in workmanship!


FREEMAX treeless saddles look firm but still ensure efficient shock absorption and the weight of the rider is very well distributed. With their unique pommel arch and cantle plate coupled with the absence of restrictive bars, they use advanced treeless technology to allow the horse uninterrupted movement along it's whole back unlike any other treed saddle. Totally flexible, they adapt to your horse's body type in a natural way which eliminates the pain of saddle bridging. This allows your horse to relax and not brace against pain/discomfort, for you to better feel your horse beneath you, and for your horse to be more aware of your seat cues. The absence of "bars" that can restrict scapula free motion coupled with the flexibility and lightness of the saddle minimizes interference on your horse's strides and frees up their shoulders, therefore giving total freedom of movement without the hindrance of a rigid (& thus unforgiving) tree.

Riding with a treeless FREEMAX saddle gives the rider amazing close contact feel, a sensation that is unequalled with a traditional treed saddle.

  >>> NOTE: Click HERE for a printable template to determine the best pommel (fork) size for your horse! <<<  



Features of the "Royal II" FreeMax saddle:

  • Truly the Cadillac of FreeMax Western Treeless saddle line!
  • Slightly longer and deeper in the skirting than the shortback version at 25" length front to back, but still quite suitable to shorter-backed horses
  • Interchangeable pommels to accommodate more extreme body types
  • Beautiful flower/basket weave design tooling & decorated with white stitching
  • Thick & durable COW leather & slip-resistant leather seat ("tougher" & firmer leather than the buffalo leather versions))
  • Deep & secure 4"+ Cheyenne Roll cantle 
  • Adjustable fenders with Blevins Buckles and are removable via unique T-hardware on a heavy duty reinforced leather/nylon tab
  • Ample wither clearance with wide opening to accommodate even moderately high withered horses
  • No "bars" to restrict free-motion of scapula
  • High density polyurethane foam & leather-layered & padded seat affords a natural "twist" akin to a traditional saddle
  • Synthetic wool-lined underside with 3" spinal channel
  • Leather-wrapped resin interior stirrups
  • Stainless steel hardware with rear drop D ring and nickel-plated brass rosettes
  • Delivered with leather latigo and front off-billet, but no cinch (100% mohair roper-style cinches highly recommended!)
  • Less than 23 lbs, so very manageable to hoist up on even tall horses!


NOTE: These amazing saddles will accommodate virtually ALL sizes and shapes of horses! For atrophied/uneven-shouldered or sway-backed horses, proper shimming must be employed to bridge the gap/balance the saddle adequately while the horse rebuilds muscle. The Western Anatomical Pad or Western Rounded Pad with shim pockets are highly recommended for not only target-shimming, but adequate spinal clearance as well (in all circumstances) which traditional wool or felt etc. pads cannot offer. (3-Mesh target shims are highly recommended for cases that need extra fortification) 

AND--BONUS!... for all those who have tried other treeless saddles on the market and have been frustrated with them rolling or sliding even when cinched snugly and mounting clean, you CAN mount from the ground with the FREEMAX treeless saddles! With their fixed pommel arch and firmer construction than most other treeless saddles on the market, these amazing saddles lock down on your horse's back just like a treed saddle. Of course the use of a mounting block is recommended when possible as this is always easier on your horse's withers, but you won't be stranded when you have to get off out on the trail!

dividerlinetrans.png Sourced from Italy, these saddles come with the following options...
Colors: Cognac & Dark Brown
Seat sizes: 15", 16", 17")
Pommel base (fork) sizes: 3, 4, 5, 6 (4 being the closest match to full quarter horse bars)  >>>NOTE: fork 7 can be special-ordered in
(With option to purchase Pommel-base "wedge" to size down one fork size)

  >>> NOTE: Click HERE for a printable template to determine the best pommel (fork) size for your horse! <<<  

Product Reviews

  1. Love this Royal FreeMax II saddle!

    Posted by Dianne and Nugget on 2024 Jun 18th

    The saddle is so lightweight for a western saddle and the grip of the seat is really a bonus. It looks like a lovely treed saddle but without the tree problems. My horse loves it!

  2. This is my second FreeMax

    Posted by Unknown on 2024 May 30th

    After riding in a FreeMax for about a year I bought another. I decided to go with the Royal II in the dark leather and it is GORGEOUS! I get lots of compliments on it, but the best compliment is from my horses. I took them for a check up with a sports medicine vet recently and there no sore points on their backs. These look like a traditional western saddle and the grippy seat is the best. I like a saddle that feels secure, and it doesn't budge . I feel great riding in it even on my young green horse.

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