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  • Saddle Stabilizer portion shown on horse's off-leg clips to saddle front d-ring. Saddle shown is the Colorado Springs "Memphis" treeless western.
  • Complete StableMount comes in two simple, connectable parts: 1) Stabilizer, & 2) Stirrup Strap. Both made with extremely soft & supple polyester webbing.
  • Image 3
  • Stirrup Lengthener drapes behind the pommel over the saddle seat for small to average horses, in front of pommel for taller horses, and hangs off the horn for Drafts & Shires. 
The horse seen here is 15.3 HH.
  • Bareback Mounting Aid drapes over your horse's back with optional cushioned wither pad positioned on wither for adequate support of the spine.
  • Clear PVC storage bag front. NOTE: Wither pad veg-tan leather color & texture varies according to supply.
  • Clear PVC storage bag back.
  • Clear PVC storage bag doubles as a hip pack! Two black carabiners supplied.
  • Wither Pad with sheepskin padding inserted for extra spinal protection. Designed to spread apart the webbing for broader distribution of rider weight upon mounting.
  • Stirrup Strap connected to Stabilizer and draped over saddle seat for pony to average-sized horses.
  • Image 11

"StableMount" 3-in-1 Mounting Aid


Product Description

Saddle Stabilizer... Stirrup Lengthener... Bareback Mounting Aid, to the rescue!

A must-have if you've ever struggled to get back on your horse without a mounting block, rock, or stump in sight. Or if your darn horse won't stand still next to the darn mounting block, rock, or stump.

Mount confidently anytime, anywhere---both in the saddle or bareback!

No more rolling/shifting saddle, stirrups out of reach, or inevitable struggle to get onboard bareback! Especially useful for riders who are challenged with mounting cleanly, or who ride in soft or treeless saddles with lesser internal structure to lock onto your horse's back.

Special features of the StableMount 3-in-1:

  • Fully adjustable from approx. 12 - 17+HH horses
  • Ultra-soft & durable 2" polyester strap webbing
  • Heavy duty hardware and buckles for quick and easy attach and detach
  • Supple veg-tan leather wither pad lined with cut to shape sheepskin offers effective spinal protection for bareback mounting
  • Thick leather "stirrup" slides easily into position
  • Custom-made clear PVC storage bag doubles as a portable pack thanks to the double loops and two attached carabiners
  • Saddle Stabilizer: wraps under off-leg and clips to saddle d-ring
  • Stirrup Lengthener: extends lower than your saddle stirrups to allow you to climb aboard with ease
  • Bareback Mounting Aid: allows you to mount anywhere at any time, then easily detach and store in the clear pouch attached to your belt loops
  • Yes, even draft horse owners can now mount without a mounting block!

dividerlinetrans.pngMade exclusively by EQUINNOVATIONS, StableMount comes in the following options...
Webbing Colors: Forest Green, Red, & Black
Wither Pad Colors: Varied veg tan leather; no two alike
Size: One size fits most

NOTE: Each individual StableMount is lovingly hand-sewed and hand-assembled. Leather portions of each product will vary in color according to supply.

CAUTION: StableMount is intended for use as a stationary Mounting Aid ONLY, and is designed to be released and stowed away once you're aboard your horse.


Product Videos

StableMount 3-in-1 Horse Mounting Aid 00:45

This is my invention that launched Equinnovations back in 2015! In my earnest quest to find the ultimate treeless saddle for myself, I often found that many of the treeless saddles I demo'd, bought (then sold), or borrowed would shift—or downright roll!—on mounting. But being fairly tall and athletic, I thought "Gosh, if this was happening to me with some of those saddles (not the ones I now carry in my store! :-), it's gotta be a problem for a lot of people!". Of course it's ideal to use a mounting block when possible, but what happens when you're out on the trail and you can't find a big rock or stump, or even if you do, your horse won't stand still beside it? I set about creating for myself something that would help lock my saddle down securely while I climbed aboard any time and anywhere—and while I was at it, I figured out a way to not only make it so that I could still reach the stirrup on really tall horses, but also use it independently of a saddle to skooch on up bareback to be able to ride in from the pasture. Bonus! Thus the 3-in-1 concept was born, and I figured other people could use it just as much as me, so I sourced all my supplies and set about making them to sell to others. Dedicated to my beautiful, sensitive & kind buckskin QH mare "Belle" who I tragically lost to strangulation colic the summer of 2022. For more info and to order, visit

  • StableMount 3-...
    This is my invention that launched Equinnovations back in 2015...

Product Reviews

  1. Amazing for barrel shaped pony!

    Posted by Victoria Y on 2024 Apr 21st

    My pony is shaped like a rain barrel and I'm a heavier rider - my biggest fear was needing to dismount on a trail and not being able to get back on due to saddle roll. Before I found this little gadget a friend would have to get off and hold my opposite stirrup, which was embarrassing and annoying. I tried this for the first time tonight and it worked GREAT! I mounted from the ground 3 times with no slip at all! The girls at my barn were asking for more info on it. I'm so glad I stumbled on it!

  2. Remounting a tall horse

    Posted by Phil Singleton, Ohio, USA on 2024 Jan 8th

    I searched everywhere and I finally came across this product. My daughter is short in stature and she has a seventeen hands horse so this will help her remount on long trail rides.

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