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  • Finely finished with punched & braided leather with soft leather under neck part, broadband and noseband. Comes with quality leather reins.
  • Ulan cross-under bitless bridle in Black
  • Ulan cross-under bitless bridle in Brown
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  • Browband finely finished with punched & braided leather.
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"Ulan" Bitless Leather Bridle


Product Description

The Ultimate Comfort of Bitless! 

Natural horsemanship and bitless riding go hand in hand. Natural Horsemanship is based on the horse’s own natural instincts & behaviors, and focuses on a pain-free, fear-free method of teaching & working with horses. Because the bit can (and often does) cause pain, it is a contradictory method of natural horsemanship. Of course not all bits are created equal, just as not all people hurt their horses with them (at least, not intentionally), but even just the presence of the bit in the mouth can affect the horse both physically and mentally.

Bitless bridles offer a refreshing new way of communicating with your horse where they are consistently more comfortable, calm, and willing to learn. The Freedom Riding Articles line of bitless bridles are extremely high quality and a refreshing alternative to the typical bitless bridles currently available on the North American market.

Features of the "Ulan" Bitless Bridle:

  • Cross-under style, offering direct pressure to the nose, cheeks and poll (similar to the concept of a Dr. Cook Bitless bridle)
  • High quality craftsmanship & materials
  • Luxurious & soft, finely finished punched & braided brow and noseband
  • Comes with matching clip-on leather reins!


Exclusively from FREEDOM RIDING ARTICLES in the Netherlands, this bridle comes with the following options...

Colors: Black or Brown leather
Sizes: Pony, Cob, or Full ("Cob" being most suited to your average Arabain or Quarter Horse and "Full" most suited to Warmbloods or Draft Crosses)


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